Arlette Diederiks

Arlette Diederiks

Operations Manager, POI Europe

Arlette has joined us as the Operations Manager of our European branch. Born and raised in the Netherlands, where she studied Human Geography and Financial Management, Arlette has traveled the world and lived in many places. Her love for nature has always been present, but her love for the oceans started when she became a certified diver at the age of 16 in Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles. 

While working for several years in the finance industry as an accountant, Arlette volunteered much of her time as a diver for clean-ups and reef protection.  She has also participated in various running events, raising money to help NGO´s. Along with being an advanced diver, a certified free-diver and a keen surfer, Arlette started two organisations of her own: My Green Goodie Bag and The Blue Surfer.

Currently, Arlette is based in Portugal, where she has decided to turn her passion into action. Having a massive desire to help and protect our precious seas, joining the Plastic Oceans team seemed like a natural fit. We’re very excited to welcome her aboard.


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