New Feature-Length Documentary Addresses the Global Issue of Toxic Algal Blooms and Their Impact on Local Communities

Malibu, CA, November 11, 2021 – Plastic Oceans International announces today that production has been completed on The Erie Situation, a new feature-length documentary, produced with Great Lakes Outreach Media, that explores the toxic algal blooms of Lake Erie – an issue facing freshwater sources worldwide.

As climate, politics, and agricultural interests collide, the health of Lake Erie – and that of humans – hang in the balance as this compelling story unfolds in the greater Toledo, Ohio, area. Directed by David J. Ruck, this 72-minute film serves as a wake-up call for politicians, big agriculture, and citizens everywhere that their bodies of water are at risk of becoming toxic.

The Erie Situation

A powerful view of the toxic algal blooms of Lake Erie.

“It’s been incredible working with David to bring the important global issue of water security to the forefront,” said Julie Andersen, CEO of Plastic Oceans International. “The project not only expands our efforts to use the power of film and story to educate and influence change, but to also further explore the deeper causes of plastic pollution linked to water security, human health and community impact.”

The film explores such questions as: What’s at stake? Who’s at risk? And will volunteer measures be enough to confront this growing crisis?

“As somebody who grew up on the Great Lakes, I knew I had to make this film,” said Ruck. “The health of these ecosystems and of those that inhabit them is an important and compelling story to tell. It’s a story of big interests being allowed to go unchecked with practices that are harming many of us. My hope is that our film makes a difference by helping audiences to better understand these complex issues that very directly impact them and their communities.”

Water intake crib Toledo, Ohio

Water intake crib in Lake Erie, which supplies the drinking water to the Toledo, Ohio region.

The Erie Situation goes beyond just being about toxic algal blooms, as it also offers insight on such topics as big agriculture, toxic runoff, sustainable farming and citizen advocacy – topics relevant to viewers worldwide.

“We must move beyond trying to solve global issues, like plastic pollution, climate change and water security, in isolation,” said Andersen. “Instead, we must move towards solutions that optimize the interconnected balance between human and environmental systems.”    

The film will soon be seen at festivals worldwide and is currently available for distribution and broadcast rights. To learn more about The Erie Situation, please download its informational deck here. View trailer:

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