Empowering Youth

This campaign empowers youth to be part of the solution to reducing single-use plastic waste.

Plastic Oceans International is providing water refilling stations to under-served schools around the globe, while also providing a social entrepreneurship element, through which students will raise funds to purchase additional refilling stations for their campus or other plastic-reducing project – thus empowering them to directly be part of the solution.

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We need to raise $2,500 per school to provide them with the following package:

  1. One water refilling station.
  2. 100 plastic-free reusable water bottles*
  3. An informational guide that outlines the issue of plastic pollution and the  importance of being part of the solution

* Additional water bottles will be made available at our cost.

Students are able to sell bottles as part of a fundraising campaign that they organize and run. Those funds are used to purchase additional refilling stations or support their own plastic-reducing project

Our 2019 Goal is to fund the program at 250 schools around the world, inspiring a new generation to rethink plastic, while also keeping up to 25 Million plastic bottles from polluting our environment over the next several years..

Less than 10% of the 2.7 million tons of plastic from bottled water is recycled.

One refill station reduces up to 250,000 plastic bottles over it’s average lifetime of 10 years. 

“People were really excited about this project. We raised more money in a shorter time than any other fundraiser we’ve ever done.”

Alexandria Bontrager
Holton High School Senior

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Plastic Oceans International

Plastic Oceans International is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization, organized and existing under the laws of California (Federal Tax ID #81-3778043).

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