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Both Plastic Oceans and Daniel Marceli  share a deep love and respect for the ocean and we believe that art is a way of expressing that love. Many times we forget what oceans provide us in our daily lives, as well as all the beings and wonders that it holds, especially if we are in a place where we don’t see it directly or we don’t have the opportunity to bathe in its water and feel that connection. That’s how our collaboration emerged, it aims to bring he ocean into the urban spaces, in this case, between the hills of Valparaíso. Although it is a coastal city, a great part of it is made of ports and it’s difficult to enjoy the sea directly. Also, 80% of the plastic that reaches the ocean comes from terrestrial sources, that’s why we always seek to spread the message that “The Ocean starts here” no matter where you are, you and our actions do have an impact in the ocean.

Through 2 humpback whales, painted in the famous style and technique of the artist Daniel Marceli, we bring the majesty of these great ones from the ocean to the heart of Cerro Alegre (Happy Hill), a highly touristic place visited by both local people and international tourists.

The name of the mural was proposed by Alejandra Hernández, and chosen through a vote on Instagram, also being the winner of 1 original print by Daniel Marceli!


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The Ocean, source of life on Earth

Here we share some data with you that reflects our connection and the importance of the Ocean

Between 50% and 80% of the world’s oxygen is produced by photosynthetic organisms in the Ocean. ¡1 out of 2 breaths come from the Ocean!

The Ocean absorbs about the 30% of the CO2 released into the environment by human action.

Over the past 40 years, the southern oceans have absorbed 93% of the excess heat, helping to prevent a rise in the global temperature.

Marine mammals such as whales contribute to reducing carbon in the sea, both through their bodies and by enhancing the proliferation of phytoplankton.

A Collaborative Inauguration

On Saturday, July 29, 2023, the mural was inaugurated together with the different collaborators and creating a space where this majestic work could not only be appreciated, but also through activities and dynamics, those who attended and were passing by could learn more about whales and the ocean.

It ended with a reception at Rojo Galería, where we shared thoughts and experiences about how art is a way to share a message that goes beyond the different languages or cultures of the people. And that a well-done art work is a tool to foster dialogue and reflection.

We thank everyone who participated, Daniel Marceli, Cristian and the Rojo Galería team, Emporio de Sol and the Plastic Oceans team for making this an unforgettable day.


Daniel Marceli is a renowned muralist, who started his art in 1998, his school was the street and the graffiti movement, that embraces him from the beginning and accompanies him transversally in the search for new languages. He studied design at “Universidad de Playa Ancha” in Valparaíso and painting in “Escuela de Bellas Artes” in Viña del Mar. His “Chilote” condition (he´s originally from Chile´s biggest island Chiloe) is imprinted in the search of themes that sprout from nature and mestizo cultures of Chile. His genetic link with the Mapuche ethnic people led him to venture into the imaginary worlds of those cultures, especially in the expressions that remain attached in the island’s memory, such as myths. From an universal perspective, that indigenous world is reflected on the walls he paints, a world that hasn’t been considered in this globalized system that doesn’t look to the village for it´s inspiration.

Daniel Marceli


Plastic Oceans is an international organization which has the objective to end plastic pollution. This is done through programs of Education, Activism and Science, advocating for a global change that supports a Circular Economy and Sustainable Communities around the world. Our differentiating element is the use of audiovisual material as a tool for change in different spaces. From the beginning we’ve seen the power of stories and experiences that are transmitted through films and documentaries, with the power not only to inform, but also inspire and incite action. That’s why we have developed an educational model that is centered on this as a fundamental pillar. With this, we seek to inspire changes in consumers habits, corporate practices and public policies, which together guide the formation of regenerative communities to live in a juster and healthier planet. 

Equipo Plastic Oceans Chile


Rojo Galería is an art gallery located in one of the most cosmopolitan cities of Chile, Valparaiso. The gallery focuses on showcasing contemporary paintings, fine and street art as well, from the well stablished and the emergent national scene. The collection of resident artists presents an eclectic selection of artwork with different styles, formats and techniques.

In its ten years of history, Rojo Galeria has dedicated itself to exhibiting, marketing and promoting the creation of national visual artists. Since its origins, the curatorial emphasis has been centered on the encounter between contemporary painting and one of a kind objects, assamblages.   Rojo Galeria is located in the heart of the city of Valparaíso, a UNESCO site since 2003. Through a small paved pedestrian walkway you can access our heritage mansion built in 1887, reconditioned for the art exhibition.  

Their space houses the work of national creators who exhibit permanently under the concept of resident artists in exhibitions that rotate quarterly. The gallery space is organized into four thematic rooms: contemporary work; assemblies; Recorded; Chilean urban art, and signature crafts.

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