Julie Andersen


Julie Andersen

Julie Andersen

Global Executive Director

Julie Andersen has worked in public health and nonprofit management internationally for the past 15 years in the US, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand. Julie’s career has focused on the effective communication of information regarding new means of improving and safeguarding human health as well as the environment against the negative effects of industrial development. Julie was raised in San Diego where the ocean was part of her daily lifestyle as a swimmer and triathlete. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry & Cell Biology and her Masters in Public Health. As Executive Director of Plastic Oceans International, Julie combines her education and career in the life sciences with her love of the ocean.

Plastic Oceans International

Plastic Oceans International is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization, organized and existing under the laws of California (Federal Tax ID #81-3778043).

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