Mark Minneboo

Mark Minneboo

Executive Director, Latin America

Mark has been executive director of Plastic Oceans Chile since June 2017, and of Latin America since 2020. He oversees development, networks creation and the establishment of international contacts and education programs tailored to the Latin American market. Mark gives talks to raise issue awareness about ocean plastic pollution to universities, municipalities and companies, including his September 2017 participation as a panelist at the Impac4 conference in La Serena, Chile. Mark pushes for Chile’s transition to a Circular Economy. He works with companies, NGOs, government institutes and international embassies to generate a multisectoral collaborative network to manage this transition. Mark uses local and international examples to show how change is possible through will, collaboration and vision. Mark has been representing Plastic Oceans International at conferences in Colombia, Uruguay, South Korea, Germany and Portugal.

Mark is founder of the startup company GALOO, president of the Communal Environmental Committee of Providence and professor of Social Innovation at the University of Development (UDD). As a two-time President of the Community Environmental Committee of Providencia, he won a national award for best committee in 2017. Mark had several years of experience in corporate marketing, before deciding to change his career course in 2015 and dedicating himself to environmental initiatives full time. He is a Commercial Engineer who graduated from the NHTV University of Breda Holland, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Fontys University, and a diploma in corporate innovation from Pontifica Universidad Católica, Chile. Originally a Dutchman, Mark settled in Chile 13 years ago.

Holandés radicado en Chile hace 13 años. Ingeniero Comercial de la Universidad de Breda Holanda, con un bachillerato en Educación de la Universidad Fontys y diplomado en Innovación corporativa de la Pontifica Universidad Católica. Fundador del startup GALOO, presidente del Comité Ambiental Comunal de Providencia, profesor de la Universidad del Desarrollo. Recién en Octubre 2017 ganó el premio por Mejor Comité Ambiental comunal de Chile por parte de la Seremi de Medio Ambiente. Tiene varios años de experiencia en el rubro de marketing corporativo, pero decidió en el año 2015 que éste no era el camino para él. Desde Junio del año 2017 es el director de la fundación Plastic Oceans Chile. Está a cargo de la difusión del documental, el desarrollo de programas educativos, charlas y la generación de conciencia en torno del tema de la contaminación por plástico de los océanos en general. En Septiembre del año 2017 participó como panelista en la conferencia Impac4 en La Serena, y desde entonces ha estado representando a Plastic Oceans International en conferencias en Colombia, Uruguay, Corea del Sur, Alemania y Portugal.

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