Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson

Founder, Breathe Conservation

Sarah Ferguson is the founder of Breathe Conservation, an international a nonprofit organization that believes in a plastic-free ocean and aims to eliminate disposable plastic.

Sarah is passionate about the ocean and works tirelessly to safeguard it for future generations to enjoy and appreciate responsibly. Since 2012, she has been competing in and pioneering ocean swims in and around South Africa, and internationally, to raise awareness about single-use plastic pollution.

Sarah was inspired to create something meaningful with her swimming talents, when she found her passion for open water swimming in 2011 during her first open water swim in Hawaii.

She is also a physiotherapist who runs a private practice at a multi-disciplinary center in Durban North, South Africa, a motivational speaker and pilates instructor.

Sarah is a retired national swimmer for South Africa and former swim coach.

Sarah’s Swims:

  • Elephant Coast Swim Series | July 2018 | 100km | 6 days
  • First African Woman to Swim Ka’iwi Channel Crossing | July 2017 | 58km | 17:54
  • First Person to Swim Aliwal Shoal (solo swim) | May 2017 | 18km | 5:00
  • MAD Swimmers 24hr Swim | January 2016 | 45km | 24:00
  • Cape Point Solo Swim | December 2015 | 8km | 2:06
  • Robben Island Solo Swim | January 2015 | 7.3km | 2:02
  • First Woman to Swim Umhlanga to Durban | June 2014 | 17.9km | 4:16

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