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Donate directly to support our projects that protect Hawksbill, Loggerhead and Green Sea Turtles throughout the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. 

turtle conservation within BlueCommunities y Riviera Maya

A green sea turtle cared for as part of our BlueCommunities program in Mexico’s Riviera Maya.


This cute sea turtle from Puzzle Petz is your free gift with any donation within the USA of $50 or more, or $75 or more from anywhere else. It’s a handcrafted plastic-free puzzle art/toy made from white pine. Click button to donate or use form below. OR visit our regular donation page for other gift options!

Puzzle Petz Sea Turtle

This Puzzle Petz sea turtle is handcrafted from white pine wood and measures 6″ wide x 3″ tall x .75″ thick. 

Turtle education in Seybaplaya, Mexico

Youth education in Seybaplaya, Mexico.

Community-Based Conservation

Our community-based sea turtle conservation programs are not only helping to protect critically endangered turtles, but also bringing plastic reduction initiatives, beach cleanups, research, youth workshops, and more, to the local communities that we are working in. 100% of your donation will directly support the following:

• Tools for maintaining and protecting nests, including for habitat cleanups.

• Increased staff for night patrols, which is crucial to nest and hatchling survival. 

• Food, water and shelter for biologists. 

• Education material for youth programs.

• Signage near the habitat to avoid unintended destruction.

Our local NGO partners are Ninth Wave Mexico, Yuumtsil Náak Káab, Flora Fauna y Cultura Mexico and Centro Ecologico de Akumal

Hawksbill Sea Turtle hatchlings

Baby turtles making their way to the sea! 

Plastic pollution in Seybaplaya, Mexico

Litter cleaned from habitat in Seybaplaya, Mexico.

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