Two-minute short film serves as a reminder of why ocean conservation is significant 

August 16, 2019 – MALIBU, Calif., U.S. – Plastic Oceans International, a nonprofit organization working to end global plastic pollution, today announced it welcomes The Swimmer as the latest addition to its growing roster of films.

The Swimmer movie posterFrom filmmaker and photographer, Blaise Hayward, The Swimmer is a two-minute short that elegantly tells the story of Walter Strohmeyer who has been swimming in the waters off Long Island, New York for almost all of his 90 years. The ocean is Strohmeyer’s escape, and his means to rejuvenate and revive his body and mind.

The Swimmer is a testament to self empowerment and the ocean’s power to heal and nurture,” said Tod Hardin, Head of Operations & Communications, Plastic Oceans International. “In just two minutes, Blaise crafted a beautiful story about a connection to the ocean—to which many of us can relate—young and old. One can’t help but feel an instant connection with Strohmeyer, and The Swimmer reminds us of the great importance to protect and conserve the ocean.”

Hayward was born and raised in Canada and has been a professional photographer in New York City for more than 20 years. He specializes in expressive portraiture and has shot a variety of subjects from Fortune 500 CEOs to cancer survivors. 

“As someone who’s very passionate about ocean health, I look forward to educating more people about the power and importance of the majestic bodies of water with Plastic Oceans International,” said Blaise Hayward, director, The Swimmer. “Through the short tale of Walter Strohmayer, I hope we inspire more people to rethink their relationship with the ocean, reevaluate its value, and proactively work to preserve it as a resource to us all.”

The Swimmer follows last week’s addition of Sea Change to Plastic Oceans films roster. Both are available to view online free of charge, and downloads are available for screenings in theatre or on a device of their choice. 



About Plastic Oceans International

Plastic Oceans International is a nonprofit organization working to change consumer behavior, corporate and public policy to end global plastic pollution. More than 300 million tons of plastic are produced annually, yet more than 90% of all plastic is not recycled. At least eight million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year—equal to a garbage truck per minute. Studies find plastic pollutes the air, water and entire food chain, threatening human health, wildlife and the planet. Through solutions-focused films and digital content, Plastic Oceans promotes a global movement to rethink plastic. Learn more at, Facebook @PlasticOceans, Instagram @plasticoceans, Twitter @PlasticOceansUS and YouTube Plastic Oceans International.

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