Doing Good for Mother Earth, Coast to Coast to Coast

For the past several weeks, our team at Plastic Oceans Canada has done a stellar job of pulling together a great resource for those interested in fighting for a healthier planet. It’s a collection of blog posts that provides a virtual tour of organizations working to end  plastic pollution and/or advocating for healthier oceans, lakes, and rivers across The Great White North.

Whether you are in Canada or not, this series is indeed well worth a read and sharing, especially as we all celebrate Plastic Free July. Follow the links below to discover more about some awesome initiatives that are fully in line with our believe that you can and must act locally in order to impact globally. Without further adieu … moving east to west:

Canada - New Foundland & LabradorNewfoundland & Labrador

Welcome to Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada’s easternmost province and the first stop on our virtual tour across Canada! With water on nearly every side of its borders, this province boasts many organizations dedicated to the health of our oceans. We’ve selected a few organizations to introduce to you. Established in Newfoundland, these organizations provide community educational services on plastic pollution.

Nova Scotia

Welcome to Nova Scotia, the second stop on our virtual tour across Canada! Nova Scotia is the most populous Maritime and Atlantic province, as well as Canada’s second smallest province — we’ll be visiting the smallest next week! We selected a couple of organizations to introduce to you and to highlight Nova Scotia’s fight against ocean pollution.

Prince Edward Island, CanadaPrince Edward Island

Welcome to Prince Edward Island! Surrounded by the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the Northumberland Strait, water finds its way into everything here. We’re excited to introduce you to a couple of organizations that integrate ocean conservation and education into their mandate like it’s second nature. PEI may be Canada’s smallest province, but don’t let them fool you — this densely populated island has a lot going on!

New Brunswick, CanadaNew Brunswick

Welcome to New Brunswick, our last stop in Atlantic Canada! As the only officially bilingual province, New Brunswick has a rich history of English and French influences on Canada’s east coast. And though they may be sandwiched between Nova Scotia and Quebec, they have their own unique culture and way of life, especially when it comes to the water that surrounds them. We’ve selected a few organizations in New Brunswick that are dedicated to the health of our oceans and the life within them. We hope you’re as excited to learn about them as we were!

Quebec, CanadaQuebec

Welcome to Quebec, Canada’s only Francophone and largest province! Along with Ontario and New Brunswick, as well as nearby Nova Scotia, Quebec was one of the first provinces to join what we now call Canada. Since that time, this beautiful province has established itself as culturally unique and indispensable to the Canadian landscape. Let’s celebrate a few Québécois organizations that work hard to reduce plastic pollution and keep our waters safe.

Ontario, CanadaOntario

Welcome to Ontario, Canada’s most populous province and home to the Great Lakes. Ontario’s population alone makes up 38.8 per cent of Canada’s total population, so you can bet that there’s a lot going on here! We’ve selected a few organizations to introduce you to this week, all working towards reducing plastic waste in our environment in different ways. And though there are some amazing organizations here, we encourage you to check out our Plastic Organizations database to find even more!

Manitoba, CanadaManitoba

Welcome to Manitoba, Canada’s centre and our first stop in the beautiful prairies! We know that plastic pollution starts on our roads before it makes its way into rivers, lakes, and eventually our oceans. And even though Manitoba has no ocean borders, the work being done here to reduce plastic pollution and stop it at the source is more than enough to celebrate! We hope you enjoy learning about these organizations as much as we have.

Saskatchewan, CanadaSaskatchewan

Can you believe we’re already in Saskatchewan? This beautiful province is both prairie and boreal, meaning there’s some impressive biodiversity to be explored. On top of this, Saskatchewan’s rivers, lakes, and reservoirs make up 10 per cent of the province! With all this land and water to be protected, Saskatchewan organizations lead waste reduction and recycling efforts to keep the province clean. We’d like to introduce you to a couple of organizations that are making a real difference in Saskatchewan.

Alberta, CanadaAlberta

We’ve made it to Alberta, the second last province in our east to west virtual tour across Canada! Alberta is one of two landlocked provinces in Canada, along with Saskatchewan, but this hasn’t stopped them from being a positive force in the fight against plastic pollution. With 473 provincial parks, five national parks, and six UNESCO World Heritage Sites in this province alone, there is a lot of beauty to protect! The organizations that we have chosen to introduce you to today understand this and have taken a stand against plastic. Together, they’re helping reduce plastic and provide solutions in Alberta!

British Columbia, CanadaBritish Columbia

We finally made it! Beautiful British Columbia marks the last stop on our virtual tour across Canada, and we’re so excited to share some change-makers with you today. Bordering the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Rocky Mountains to the east, B.C. is known for its adventurous and athletic spirit. The people here love and value the outdoors, and we can see this clearly in the number of organizations that are dedicated to protecting the environment. We could only select a few organizations to highlight today, but check out our list of plastic organizations in B.C. to find more!