Cleaning up the river, a bazaar, and panelists … Coyoacán joins the wave of change

River Clean Up in Mexico

Cleaning up the Magdalena River.

On July 7, with 90 institutions and groups, 800 volunteers and more than 1,000 participants, the Cleaning 7 of 7 took place in Coyoacán, where Plastic Oceans Mexico was invited to participate in different activities such as the cleaning of the Magdalena River, a panel discussion, and an informational stand in the environmental bazaar.

Several organizations participated in the cleaning of the Magdalena River. Together we realized the terrible condition of the river, and with the help of 50 volunteers it was possible to extract more than 30 sacks filled of solid waste, mainly packaging, fabrics, aerosols and cables. Most of the waste extracted came from personal use, which indicated that the people living nearby are not very clear about the importance of preserving our bodies of water to maintain all healthy aquatic ecosystems.

In order to generate more awareness in the area about the various environmental problems we face today, the event also consisted of a space for panelists and organizational leaders to give their thoughts on the matter. Plastic Oceans Mexico was invited as a speaker, where Mariana Soto, our executive director, talked about the growing environmental problem that arises from single-use plastics. She related some immediate solutions, such as changes in habits and more responsible consumption, as well as the importance we have as consumers to demand companies to make a change.

Together we can generate pressure on companies to achieve a transformation in their daily and long-term operations, convert to green packaging, and have a circular economy model where plastic waste is generated.

The speakers made people aware of the effects that disposable plastic has on both marine ecosystems and our health. Many participants promised to make small changes, both personally and in groups. Among the messages delivered the theme to be responsible consumers and stop buying plastic materials with a short shelf life that cannot be reused or recycled was highlighted.

Locals writing statements and requests to government and companies about plastic.

Locals writing to governments and businesses from to take action about plastic.

Participants were invited to visit our stand at the Environmental Bazaar, where there was a space for them to write messages to
government and companies regarding the actions they want them to take in order to regulate the use of disposable plastics. We were not surprised by the participation of children, since it was clear that it has been possible to generate greater awareness with the younger generations, who are worried about their future.

Many demanded that plastic bags be banned, that green packaging be produced, that single-use plastic be stopped and, above all, that government and businesses listen to their people.

The event allowed us to meet different small businesses and organizations that seek to generate a change in the population and how it thinks about plastic pollution, especially single-use plastic. We were motivated by seeing how many young people and children undertook to find solutions, producing everyday items from waste.

We thank the organization 7 of 7 and the Coyoacán delegation for allowing us to spread our message in such a complete and meaningful way. Likewise, thanks to those who came to participate in the various activities planned by Plastic Oceans Mexico and other organizations. We hope that what you learned will lead you to implement small and large changes in your daily life.