A Day of Awareness, Away from the Sea, Far from the Source Where All Life Began; Healer of Many, Peace for Others, And Necessary for Everyone.

The sea is an experience, a feeling, a connection, it is one that houses many. Any thinking being who has been drawn to this great blue mantle can share and agree with this. But what is it that draws us to the ocean? We are not an underwater species, nor do we have the advantage to breathe underwater, but our bodies are made of mainly water. We need to connect to the ocean.

For many, it is the source of childhood memories, splashing in the water and discovering mollusks in the sand; but it is also a space of peace, away from the noise and chaos of the fast paced society in which we live in. 

It is a watershed in the daily routine of our lives, a breath of saltwater that invites us to re-align ourselves, to pause for a second, to reflect on the existential nature of life. To connect with the ocean is to connect with life.

If we think about it, it is a really important and special space for an infinity of beings that cohabit and depend on the same spaces. 

But despite this, this space has been heavily exploited and devastated. Its majestic size made us think nothing could end it, nonetheless, we were wrong, and man’s greed has overcome any limit this space ever placed for us.

What Has Been Our Experience Working Directly With the Oceans and the Problems They Face? 

It is easy to hear the problem of plastics, it is easy to say that the problem does not correspond to you when you live miles from a coast, lake, or river. How easy it is to turn your face away and not take any responsibility for this? 

Sadly, what this time working with Plastic Oceans has taught us is that it is everyon’s problem. Why? Because we are one. We are one in front of the plastic industry, we are one in front of mother nature, and only by working as “one” can we reach a solution and carry it out correctly. 

Working with Plastic Oceans has been a spectacular experience, but also the most difficult and impotent experience when you see entire coasts and nature reserves full of plastics, and few are taking responsibility for their actions. 

Today on World Oceans Day, we commemorate our great blue sphere, celebrate everything it gives us, and feel more connected to it than ever. But why only today? Why only one day? I invite you reader, activist, financer, chef, artist, to give space to these feelings and reply to them every day. 

It is time to take responsibility for what we consume, how we conusme it, why, and for what purpose. Just like Plastic Oceans, there are many organizations that do not rest from raising their voice, fighting for what many believe is already lost or impossible to save. Organizations of entire communities, where civilians of all professions look for a space to give planet Earth one more day. 

Thanks to you there is one more day to celebrate it, there is always one more day to change your habits, your customs, to inform yourself and act. To raise your voice for what is worth fighting for and not letting go. Because just as you would never let something hurt your family and home, do the same for our oceans. The ocean gives us more than we can ask for and we should pay it back. It is thanks to the ocean you breathe, you exist, you live. Connect with the ocean!