We were honored to recently be in conversation with iconic environmentalist Robert F Kennedy Jr. This engaging experience took place on March 12, 2018, at the Creative Visions Foundation in Malibu, California.

Joining our team were representatives from Tras La Perla, an environmental organization created by Colombian entertainer Carlos Vives; the office of the Inspector-Attorney General of Colombia; (Fernando Carillo Florez); and Conservation International, Colombia.

Mr. Kennedy is an invaluable ally in the fight to protect our waters, and of particular interest were his thoughts on using litigation as a means to protect the environment.

“We consider ourselves a law enforcement agency,” said Mr. Kennedy of his organization, the Waterkeeper Alliance.  “Litigation is not necessarily a solution, but it is necessary. If you see pollution, you are seeing the subversion of the law.”

That’s just a small sample of our one-hour talk with him, but stay tuned. Our film crew was on hand to capture the commentary, which we hope to bring to you in the near future. For now, please enjoy these photos from the event.