“A strong sense that the scale of the human enterprise and the size of our planet have become, for the first time, fundamentally mismatched is pervasive throughout the film.”

We are honored to have had our award-winning documentary film ‘A Plastic Ocean’ recently reviewed in the Lancet. This UK-based publication is one of the oldest and most prestigious medical journals in the world. The review was published in the November 12 edition and was written by Dr. Samuel S. Myers, Director of the Planetary Health Alliance, and a Senior Research Scientist at Harvard University. Here’s a short excerpt:

“This rapid transformation of Earth’s life support systems is the terrain of the emerging, multidisciplinary field of planetary health, and it is the setting for A Plastic Ocean. This documentary film is an impassioned, if occasionally meandering, exploration of the enormous mess we are making in the world’s oceans as a result of the sheer volume of plastic waste that deliberately or accidentally makes its way into our seas. Stunning underwater footage of blue whales, turtles, seabirds, and every manner of marine life in all its variegated splendour are jarringly juxtaposed with floating or submerged rubbish and marine animals caught in plastic webs. And, lest viewers think that the footage has been cherry-picked to misrepresent the scale of the problem, facts flash across the screen like hammer blows. As we watch footage of a necropsy of a seabird showing a stomach swollen with hundreds of small bits of multicoloured plastic, writing flashes across the screen: 92% of seabirds globally are estimated to have plastic in their bodies.”

Click here to read Dr. Myers full review.