We are pleased to be launching our new logo today, which has been developed via a true global collaboration that includes our own staff, as well as the creative team at Crowd. I’m personally very excited not just about how it looks, but more importantly about what it represents.

Plastic Oceans seeks to change the world’s attitude towards plastic pollution within the next generation by spreading the message that plastic does not go away but rather breaks up into smaller pieces of plastic that last forever and negatively impact our health and environment. Through the worldwide distribution of the film A Plastic Ocean and our associated educational and outreach programs, we have spread this message to over 500 million people.

Despite our success, our work is far from finished. Our plastic consumption is increasingly growing, and thus plastic pollution is increasingly entering our oceans. We know that plastic is not just a problem in our waters, but also on land, where most plastic pollution originates. Each year, over 8 million tons of plastic washes into the oceans from land.

As Plastic Oceans continues its mission to globally raise awareness, change attitudes, and foster actionable solutions through film and targeted programs, we wanted our logo to better reflect the nature of the issues we are addressing. Thus, we transformed our logo from one that suggests plastic is only a water issue to one that recognizes that plastic pollution involves both land and water – green and blue. Our new logo also embraces the notion that plastic pollution awareness and solutions do not originate from just one point – that on the previous logo had been symbolically represented as a drop of water.  Rather it emanates from a series of solutions that are globally interconnected. Our wave of change originates from the ripple effect of work at many levels: from the grassroots efforts of individuals and communities, to schools, corporations, governments, other NGOs and our own teams in Canada, Chile, and Mexico.

Plastic pollution is a serious global problem that requires us to immediately stop our plastic from entering our environment on land and ultimately reaching our oceans. It’s not just plastic bottles and straws, but the ripple effect, or domino effect, of our entire modern industrial life that is polluting our oceans, land, and air – and subsequently all of us.

For us, our new logo reflects a more inclusive and cohesive representation of our work. It’s a symbol of who we are, where we are going and what might be. Many have said that they see something different inside the circular mark of the logo each time they look at it. That’s a good thing and for us, speaks to our belief that we all do and see things a bit differently. But that’s ok. It is about being part of the solution and working together. Do what works for you in playing a role in continuing the wave of change. We are here to support you!