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Organized by Plastic Oceans International & Haka Honu

MALIBU, Calif., U.S. Plastic Oceans International, the nonprofit organization serving the ocean and public to end plastic pollution, announced it began a surf, science and discovery expedition at the Chonos Archipelago in Chile’s Patagonia region April 10, in partnership with Haka Honu.

The goal is to help preserve the Patagonian coast, one of most pristine and unknown landscapes in the world, through an exploration of the Chonos Archipelago. Chonos has a labyrinth of fjords, channels and islands, hiding a great biodiversity and age-old cultures.

The tagline—Surf, science and discovery—outlines the expedition connection between surfing and conservation essential to protecting the planet from the plastic pollution problem affecting the ocean, planet and health worldwide.

The 10-day expedition includes surfing unchartered waters on never-before-ridden waves, conducting scientific analysis of microplastics, and capturing the entire journey on film for a new documentary. The team includes highly-skilled surfers, a scientist, and photographers and filmmakers who launched film production on the expedition.

Camila Ahrendt, Scientific Director for Plastic Oceans Chile, is collecting microplastics samples from the water and land to determine how contamination and pollution has worsened in such a remote location, although there are not any humans around Chonos. The Patagonia expedition research findings will be published following study completion.

By documenting what the surfers see and experience in the surf, and the Patagonia microplastics analysis, Plastic Oceans International and Haka Honu can widely share expedition findings with a global audience to help protect the Patagonia environment.

The team is traveling on “Tiffara,” a recently-restored yacht on its inaugural voyage. The vessel is equipped with a helipad, crane for heavy lifting, two water scooters, sleeping quarters, and a laboratory for on-board investigation and research.

Watch a short video, featuring Plastic Oceans’ Camila Ahrendt and Haka Honu’s Jose Domingo Cheyre, announcing the expedition and collaboration:

WHAT: Patagonia Expedition, an environmental research expedition

WHO: Plastic Oceans International and Haka Honu

WHEN: 10-day journey that began April 10, 2019

WHERE: Chonos Archipelago in the Patagonia region of Chile

About Plastic Oceans International

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