Every bottle of Le Rosé Bleu will prevent at least 100 plastic bottles from polluting the sea.

Le Rosé Bleu, a new rosé from Saint-Tropez in Provence, has been created with a global mission – to help raise awareness of ocean plastic, prevent it from entering the ocean and encourage people to discuss the issue over a glass of wine.

Le Rosé Bleu founder, Vincent Lelard, created it after being inspired by the award-winning film, A Plastic Ocean, which was distributed by the not-for-profit organization Plastic Oceans International in order to incite a global movement to rethink single use plastic.

Donations linked to the sale of every bottle fund Plastic Ocean’s “Rethink. Refill.” campaign – a program that helps people reduce their dependence on single-use plastics by providing water-refill stations and reusable bottles. Le Rosé Bleu will also support beach clean-up initiatives and global awareness using the film A Plastic Ocean, and other soon-to-be-released films and their associated multi-language education programs.


If nothing is done, it’s estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. Julie Andersen, Global Executive Director, for Plastic Oceans International says: “It’s a big problem but one that can be solved with not only big solutions, but small ones also. That’s exactly why we’ve created the “Rethink. Refill.” program. We are very grateful for Le Rosé Bleu for supporting our efforts and taking action to become part of the solution. By helping us to empower others to reduce their reliance on single-use plastic, they are a shining example of social enterprise at its best.”

Le Rosé Bleu combines two of Australia’s loves – great beaches and great wine – in one fine drop, and it’s a conversation starter. Awareness is the first step to change, and that’s why the rosé label aims to prompt interest and discussion amongst those enjoying it.

The owner of the award-winning The Fish House at Burleigh Heads, Ronnie Tarabay says: “As a waterfront fine-dining venue with an emphasis on the ocean and its produce, Le Rosé Bleu has our absolute support. We know that change starts with awareness, and this incites people to question and modify their behaviour. We’re delighted to serve our guests this excellent wine. It’s not every day you can combine passion and purpose so we think this is a great initiative. We hope it will make people realise that without healthy oceans our food, lifestyle and tourism industry will be deeply affected.”

Peter Scudamore-Smith, who holds the prestigious Master of Wine award, couldn’t agree more: “I can do good and drink good at the same time with this superb Côtes de Provence. It has wonderful aromas, a beautiful pale color, light and fruity – the perfect all-rounder for rosé connoisseurs.”

Both cuvées from Le Rosé Bleu, Argent ($29.90) and Or ($39.90) are now available for purchase online at www.lerosebleu.com and will soon be found in venues and independent bottle shops around Australia.