Join other students around the world who are rethinking plastic and creating solutions!

Students around the world are learning about our social problems and creatively developing solutions.  Plastic Oceans Foundation wants to foster this global movement to solve plastic pollution.

Plastic Oceans Foundation is thrilled to hear from students from every part of the globe about how our A Plastic Ocean educational program inspired them to create change in their communities and schools.

Three students at the Chung International School

Students at the Yew Chung International School in Shanghai.

Our education program includes a comprehensive film, which is fully supported by scientific review, and an educational supplement that emphasizes key facts from the film and suggests a number of activities to stimulate creative ways to start rethinking plastic.

We have created multiple versions of our award-winning feature documentary, A Plastic Ocean, that can be implemented into a 1 hour workshop or as part of a multi-lesson plan.  Our graphically engaging educational supplement, efficiently and effectively introduces the problem of plastic pollution, encourages students, of all learning groups and ages, to rethink plastic and engages students to creatively think of solutions.

We are extremely proud to have received the award for Best Short from the G2 Green Earth Film Festival for our 22-min version of A Plastic Ocean.

Our “Best Short” film is now available in 6 languages (12 languages if including the feature-length version) and is being used by thousands of schools around the world from Colombia and Jordan, to South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia and more.

Plastic Oceans Foundation recognizes that solutions to plastic pollution will differ from community to community, as will the learning environments in different areas. Therefore, we have created a program that can be easily introduced to many student groups.  This is why we have partnered with multiple UN Regional offices, community organizations and government agencies to deliver our adaptable program to raise awareness of plastic pollution.

Join other students around the world who are rethinking plastic and creating solutions!

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