August 2, 2019 – MALIBU, Calif., U.S. – Plastic Oceans International, the nonprofit organization working to end global plastic pollution, today announced that the documentary film, Eating Up Easter—presented by Plastic Oceans; producer and director, Sergio M. Rapu; producer and writer, Elena Rapu; Kartemquin Films and Pacific Islanders in Communications—won the Portuguese Surf Film Festival Best Sustainability award.

“We are ecstatic that Eating Up Easter won the prestigious sustainability award at an environment-focused film festival during its European premiere,” said Sergio Mata’u Rapu, Producer and Director, Eating Up Easter. “This recognition further affirms that the story of our native community on little Easter Island is one in the same with the entire planet. If we focus attention and work together on a global scale, we can solve the significant environmental issues affecting all of us.”

Portuguese Surf Film FestivalEating Up Easter made its European premiere at the eighth edition of the Portuguese Surf Film Festival, where nine awards were presented, July 19-28 in Ericeira, Portugal.

“Due to its strong environmental message, it became clear Eating Up Easter must be part of the lineup and deserved the Best Sustainability award, even without a core surfing or skateboarding narrative,” said Susana Andrade, Founder and Director, Portuguese Surf Film Festival. “The film opens a window of understanding about the challenges that Easter Island natives face. Trials on the remote island alert us that small actions count, and we all face the same situation no matter the location. Congratulations to Eating Up Easter on a cinematic masterpiece, strong characters and an important sustainability message, the likes of which the world has not yet seen.”

“This environment award emphasizes why Plastic Oceans came on board to support and present Eating Up Easter,” said Tod Hardin, Head of Operations & Communications, Plastic Oceans International. “It’s imperative we are aware of how plastic pollution, waste management and tourism’s environmental effects impact cultural identity and our communities, like on Easter Island. We are so honored to be working with Sergio, Elena and our film partners to reach a wider audience with the sustainability message.”

About Eating Up Easter

In a cinematic letter to his son, native Rapanui (Easter Island) filmmaker, Sergio Mata’u Rapu, explores the modern dilemma of their people who risk losing everything to the globalizing effects of tourism. The film follows four islanders, descendants of the ancient statue builders, who are working to tackle the consequences of their rapidly developing home. Mama Piru leads recycling efforts to reduce trash, Mahani and Enrique use music to reunite their divided community, and Sergio tries to understand the motivations of his father who embraces the advantages of building new businesses. These stories intertwine to reveal the complexities of development and the contradictions within us all as we are faced with hard choices about our planet’s future. Learn more at the film website,

About the filmmaker, Sergio Mata’u Rapu

Native Rapanui Producer/Director, Sergio Mata’u Rapu, is the only Easter Islander working in production in an English-speaking country. He has spent the last 15 years shooting and producing documentaries that have aired on the History Channel, Travel Channel, National Geographic and NOVA. Through his work, Sergio aims to show the diversity of life through thought-provoking media to inspire resolutions to social, economic and environmental conflicts.

About Plastic Oceans International

Plastic Oceans International is a nonprofit organization working to change consumer behavior, corporate and public policy to end global plastic pollution. More than 300 million tons of plastic are produced annually, yet more than 90% of all plastic is not recycled. At least eight million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year—equal to a garbage truck per minute. Studies find plastic pollutes the air, water and entire food chain, threatening human health, wildlife and the planet. Through solutions-focused films and media, Plastic Oceans promotes a global movement to rethink plastic. Learn more at, Facebook @PlasticOceans, Instagram @plasticoceans, Twitter @PlasticOceansUS and YouTube Plastic Oceans International.



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