We are honored to have recently received a statement of support from iconic thought leader, Professor Noam Chomsky, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Professor Chomsky is widely considered one of the most influential figures of our time. He is known as the father of modern linguistics, one of the most respected voices of dissent on U.S. foreign policy, and is one of the most cited scholars in history. In 1970 he was named as “one of the makers of the 20th century” by The London Times, and in 2005 he was named the world’s leading public intellectual in a poll of peers that was conducted jointly by U.S.-based Foreign Policy magazine, and British-based magazine Prospect.

Whether it’s on language, politics, computer science, cognitive science, historical studies or philosophy, few voices have had as much influence as that of Professor Chomsky.

It is with great pleasure that we offer you his voice in support of the Plastic Oceans Foundation:

“It is no secret that humans are despoiling the environment that can sustain decent existence, and on a frightening scale.  For some of the severe problems we face, possible solutions are complex and difficult.  For others, solutions are within our reach.  One of these is the fouling of the oceans with plastic, which is having a devastating impact.  The Plastic Oceans Foundation is dedicated to bringing this plague to an end, as surely can be done.  Its efforts deserve the support and participation of all of us who hope to bequeath a livable world to future generations.”

We thank Professor Chomsky for lending the power of his voice to our mission of changing the world’s attitude toward plastic in one generation. Plastic pollution is a global issue that impacts our ocean, our health and our wellbeing. With Professor Chomsky’s help – with your help – we can indeed make A Wave of Change. Please consider a donation today and be sure to sign up for our mailing list.