With news of China’s decision to halt recycling global plastic which will boost in the production of new plastic to the tune of $185 billion dollars to plastic lobbyists….  it can seem like a losing battle for plastic pollution conscious individuals/organizations.

However, against these overwhelming odds, a significant strategic approach is developing which abandons individual agendas in favor of a collective approach to Rethink Plastic.

There are amazing companies and organizations that are laser-focused on their mission to combat plastic pollution from recycling, up-cycling, repurposing or refusing plastic products. Each agenda is a good solution but no single organization, no matter how innovative or powerful, can achieve the global change needed alone. Instead, our mission is to strategically grow our global collective that highlights the solutions at every stage of the plastic life cycle, from “cradle to grave.”

We work with local organizations, heads of influential private and corporate foundations, city government officials, school district representatives, university leaders, and the executive directors of nonprofit and advocacy group. These are leaders who recognize that fixing one area on the plastic continuum—such as better recycling or education— does not make much difference unless all parts of the continuum are improved simultaneously.

By collectively rethinking how we use and dispose of plastic, we can all contribute to the global awareness and eradicate plastic pollution.

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