Your Kids Might Be In Our New Short Film

The last time I went to the grocery store, my 8 year old son reminded me to bring the reusable bags. A reminder like this is a small action that demonstrates how the next generation is embracing the new social norm that we need to use less and reuse.

Young children all over the world are sharing their actions and spreading the message that we can stop plastic pollution. We want to share these youth videos in our upcoming new short film for kids.

We receive many stories from students starting recycling programs, raising money for water refill stations, reminding their parents to stop using plastic bags, students turning plastic waste into art or other products… They all understand that there are many ways to be part of the solution and they are taking action to protect our oceans and future.


In our upcoming kid’s film, we want to share these stories to empower other kids. Please submit a video of your kid(s) sharing what they are doing to reduce plastic pollution.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Shoot them in landscape orientation
  • They should be 20 to 60 seconds long
  • Email them or provide a download link here:
  • DEADLINE: February 1, 2019

We can’t promise that your video will be included in the film, but we review all that are submitted.

Thank you!