Plastic Oceans International Proud to be a Sustainable Partner

The beauty of the original SWIMRUN by EPICBLUE finally held in Finale Ligure, one of the most amazing outdoor sites in Europe.

Be challenged by the EpicBlue SwimRun experience that infuses nature with history to offer a timeless adventure at one of the most spectacular pieces of the Ligurian coastline in Italy, within the framework of Flow Festival and set against the backdrop of the cliffs of Liguria.

The global movement of SWIMRUN has added a new sense of adventure to multi-sport formats. This unique composition of swimming and running entails participants to interchange between the two without changing clothes, and carrying everything they need for the race with them.

The sport normally involves teams of two for the LONG ENDURANCE format, however with our SWIMRUN FINALE – SHORT EXPERIENCE format, you have the option to register as a solo participant as well.

In accordance to the SWIMRUN tradition, we have created this race on the three original pillars:

  1. A race which will combine speed in some parts and technicality in others, all whilst you are immersed in breath-taking scenery.
  2. The pleasure of sharing those memorable moments with friends and partners.
  3. Limited plastic usage, responsible event planning and supporting key conservation causes.
You can register for the SWIMRUN here.