In an effort to merge culture, recreation and community safety, the “Eco Cine Barrial” initiative deploys spaces in ten neighborhoods and squares in Santiago, transforming the summer into a unique educational experience and turning awareness into action!

Behind this proposal are the Municipality of Santiago, Plastic Oceans Chile and the Alameda Art Center (Centro Arte Alameda), whose collaboration not only promotes the screening of films, but also the creation of safe spaces and environmental awareness.

It is a cinematic journey that goes beyond the screen, where culture and concern for the environment are intertwined to forge strong, educated and conscious communities. Eco Cine Barrial is not just a series of films, it is an experience that seeks to leave a lasting impression on the local social fabric of Santiago, according to the organization.

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Cinema, recreation and safety: a transforming triptych

The proposal includes five films, six short films and a documentary, presented every Thursday from 7:30 p.m. between January 11 and March 14. This itinerant cycle strategically selected ten neighborhoods, including Almagro Park, Huemul, Panama, Santa Isabel, San Eugenio, Santa Elena, San Borja, 10 de Julio, San Vicente and Santa Ana. The choice was based on the need to promote culture as a preventive element to strengthen social cohesion and generate safe and recreational spaces.

An exclusive interview with Mark Minneboo, Director of Advocacy for Plastic Oceans International

Mark Minneboo, Director of Advocacy for Plastic Oceans International, shares his perspective on the initiative, where they led conversations on local environmental issues, highlighting the importance of linking culture and environment to revitalize neighborhoods.

“Culture and the environment are themes that bring people together and inspire them, and we think it’s great that these are the themes that will encourage people to leave their homes to share, enjoy and talk with each other and the Municipality.”

Version 2.0

Mark says that this second edition of Eco Cine Barrial features significant improvements, from a state-of-the-art giant LED screen with a high fidelity sound system, to an environmental education booth. They also incorporated a variety of films thanks to the support of the Alameda Art Center, and provide a more enriching experience.

The initiative includes citizen environmental surveys, gathering valuable information to “understand the community’s concerns and challenges on ecological issues,” added Mark. He adds that “it’s by working hand in hand with communities, fostering conversations to better understand their local realities and stories, that allows us to advocate for national and global policies, laws and treaties that can be effectively implemented.

“We at Plastic Oceans believe film is the key to these dialogues, transforming awareness into real action needed to end plastic pollution.”

Eco cinema Santiago 2024

Foto: STGO cultura

A call for replication and sustainable support

Mark Minneboo reveals the vision of replicating Eco Cine Barrial in other municipalities, highlighting its potential to strengthen relationships and recover areas. He invites companies and institutions to sponsor future editions, extending the impact beyond the summer and creating a constant platform for culture, environment and coexistence.

“We believe that the mix of culture, environment and coexistence is very powerful and is a different way to recover areas, seeking together how to take care of the place where we live,” he added.

You can find the complete billboard and more information about the initiative here.

This article was adapted from an article by Hector Véliz, which was originally published on February 21 on the Diario Sustentable news site. You can find it here.