We hope that everybody enjoyed and found value in celebrating our oceans on and around World Oceans Day 2018. It was inspiring to see so many individuals and organizations working together to make a difference.

Our own team was busy on four continents and in six countries, showing our Mother Ocean plenty of love.. Please enjoy this World Oceans Day gallery of images from their amazing efforts:

Santa Monica, California

A great turnout by some wonderful volunteers and hats off to our US team of Julie Andersen, Brigette Allen, Tod Hardin and Josh Sugiyama. Even the board chairman, William Pfeiffer was out there picking!

Hong Kong

Big thank you to Cristina Lopez McLauchlan and her Vibe Tribe team, as well as Gary Stokes, founder of Sea Shepherds, Lindsay Porter, and Craig Leeson.


Great job by Mariana Soto, Executive Director of Plastic Oceans Mexico!


Mark Minneboo and Camila Ahrendt were busy, busy, busy! Thank you to the entire team at Plastic Oceans Chile.


South Africa

It was a full weekend of activities by Sarah Ferguson and her crew at Breathe Ocean Conservation. Well done!

World Oceans Day is a powerful annual opportunity to raise awareness on the problems that our oceans are facing – especially that of plastic pollution. We fully embrace it, but also ask that we all look beyond just this one event by making our love and protection of the sea an every day thing.