We are excited and honored to be the non-profit beneficiary of a once-in-lifetime experience at Gaudi’s Casa Battló, in Barcelona, Spain, being offered via a fundraising raffle** by our friends at Omaze. 

We are especially thrilled because of the creative connection to nature that Casa Battló represents. At Plastic Oceans International, we believe the solution to plastic pollution lies in understanding our connection to nature and the impact of our habits. Through the use of film and media, we creatively share stories that inspire us to rethink plastic and show that we can all be part of the solution. The sea motif of Casa Batlló, and its use of recycled materials, reminds us of the importance of informing, inspiring and taking action to preserve the nature around us.

 Casa Battló was the family home of Josep Battló in 1900. He commissioned renowned architect Antoni Gaudi in 1904 to design the new family home. Originally, Batlló planned to tear down and rebuild a new home. However, Gaudi convinced him not to waste the buildings structure and that renovations using reusing materials would be enough.

When designing Casa Batlló, Gaudi drew inspiration from the sea. This is the beauty of building, as it represents not only the functionality of a home, but our infinitely larger environment surrounding it. Its integration of nature makes it the architectural representation of the conscious thinking we need to end plastic pollution and protect our oceans and Earth.


Casa Batlló breaks conventional architectural designs to create the organic motifs. Its façade is a mosaic reminiscent of scuba diving in seas where colorful coral and sea life becomes a magical fantasy. This mosaic and many other elements of Casa Batlló were made of recycled materials, demonstrating how human creations should and can reuse existing resources.

If each individual and community connected with nature, as Casa Batlló represents, would our habits and way of life be the extreme environmental threat that they are today? We believe that understanding this connection, we can all be part for the solution.


Casa Battló


You and a guest could enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Gaudi’s Casa Battló, in Barcelona, Spain:

  • Be flown out to Barcelona and put up at the 5-star Monument Hotel for four nights (February 13–17)
  • Explore Antoni Gaudí’s architectural masterpiece, Casa Batlló, on a private tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site (definitely Google it, but photos don’t do it justice!)
  • Enjoy an incredible meal from 10-Michelin-Starred chef Martín Berasategui and a special jazz concert at the Casa


All funds raised will go to creating multiple creative films that inspire people to think of our lifestyle and social habits that threaten our environment and empower them to join the critical movement to rethink plastic. Funding will also be used directly to protect oceans and marine animals by reducing plastic pollution through our initiatives.