It’s all about the little victories

During these challenging times I think many of us have had a moment to think about the choices we have made the last few years to end up where we are right now. The career we chose, the family we have, the house (and country) where we live and also, what will we will be doing once this is all over. How many times have I read and heard “I can’t wait for things to get back to normal”….well “normal” was a climate and environmental crisis, so I’d rather not return to that.

Also I don’t want to return to a society that normalizes single-use plastic products and defends its beneficial properties. In the short term, there might be some benefits if you care about them, like food loss, but polluting the planet for 400 more years is a way bigger problem than the benefits these products supposedly have. It’s something I feel very strongly about, and I count a victory every time I avoid single-use plastic. It generates an emotion, a fulfillment, all these little victories during the day make me happy and inspire me to keep doing what I do. Obviously it requires an attitude of focussing on the small things, to celebrate them each time they occur.  But it’s necessary, and I believe that we are many who are doing this, we are generating critical mass and more and more people are following the example. I don’t know who they are, these people who celebrate little plastic victories at the washout, but they are there!

High five

Just to give you an example on how this works, when I go to the supermarket and at the checkout I find out I forgot my reusable bag, I feel my temperature rise, sweat drops appear on my face and I enter in a small panic…….this is a PROBLEM, because there is no way I want a plastic bag. This emotion urges me to find a solution, I don’t care how. Leaving the supermarket with my entire coat stuffed with products, I don’t feel discomfort, I feel a victory….probably you will see a smirk on my face expressing that I beat the single use plastic system once more. Do you recognize this? Does this happen to you when you order a drink and you forgot to mention you don’t want a straw, and it arrives with a straw? I could go on like this with many more examples, but the point is that it’s about emotions. I really care about this so it makes me want to change. 

That’s what I hope to inspire in others, that they feel an emotion about doing the right thing, empower them and let them know that we are many. 

I don’t need anyone to award me, patting me on the shoulder, it’s about finding that inner plastic badge of honor everytime you avoid a single-use plastic product.  I wear mine every day, especially during this Plastic Free July.