What is it and How Can I Participate?

Mountains of infectious waste, including huge piles of abandoned coffins and tons of hospital waste, are popping up in Mexico in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Authorities announced that they had found 3.5 tons of hospital waste dumped in the forests outside Mexico City (the few lungs that citizens of the capital have), as well as 6,000 cubic meters of medical waste piled up in clandestine dumps, overflowing from trucks and buildings.

Although we know that the issue of garbage in Mexico remains a latent problem, since the beginning of this quarantine it has increased significantly, and many prefer to pretend that the problem does not exist or does not take place on public or private agendas. That is why this month, Julio Sin Plásticos (Plastic Free July) we give so much import to its message, its mission, its impulse for seeking a change in society’s habits not only for a month, but for all year. 

Single-use plastics are everywhere, and while many believe we exaggerate, we really don’t. Today in Mexico, you see plastics in every corner: in our sewer, in our forests, in our protected natural reserves, in our houses, around our monuments, etc.

Today we raise once more, without ceasing, our voice for the oceans, for the gravity of the problem that disposable plastics cause in our lives and how we must continue fighting today, more than ever, if we want to see a near future.

This month, around the world, we dedicate it to the rejection of single-use plastics from our lives. We dedicate it to inform ourselves a little more about this problem and ways in which each one of us, from our trenches, can help. New existing and easily accessible alternatives to which we can change, as well as continue promoting those responsible small, but large, local companies in Mexico or any other part of the world.

This month we give it to commitment, to keeping promises and not leaving things for the next day. This month we dedicate it to saving a little piece of us, our home, our Earth.