Two weeks ago, to kick off Clean Up The World Weekend and the Ocean Conservancy’s Coastal Cleanup here in New York City, I thought I would watch “A Plastic Ocean” which was recommended to me by a friend on Instagram who lives in Australia. Needless to say, the film had a profound effect on me. While I have always been eco-conscious in that I bring my glass water bottle and my own bags everywhere to go shopping; I frequent the farmers’ market and am a member of a local CSA (community-supported agriculture); I recycle my packaging; and I compost my food scraps, the movie made me realize how much MORE I need to do, as does the rest of the world. When I traveled to Asia this summer, it broke my heart to see in a supermarket, that less than a dozen food items were free from packaging of any sort. We live in a downward spiral of a “disposable” world. What can we do to change this?

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