1,000 square feet of coastline to be cleaned for a year with every pair of Zeals purchased April 1 – 30

Boulder, CO – April 5, 2021: To celebrate Earth Month and our planet’s seas, Zeal Optics is kicking off its 2nd annual “Shades For Seas” campaign and will clean 1,000 square feet of coastline for a year (93 square meters) from locations around the globe with the purchase of every pair of sunglasses, goggles or accessory lenses sold globally between April 1-30, 2021.

This initiative ties into Zeal Optics’ mission of diminishing the amount of petroleum-based plastic that finds its way into the waste stream. Zeal produces all of its sunglasses using plant-based and recycled materials and is focused on reducing its environmental footprint in all of its material usage and business practices.

Zeal Optics Shades fo“As we head into spring, this campaign is designed to inspire people to think about the impacts of their purchases and get them to vote with their dollars,” says Zeal Optics Director of Marketing Mike Lewis. “We’re incredibly excited with the response we got to this program from our community last year despite the pandemic and look forward to seeing it grow in 2021.” 

Zeal Optics will be partnering with Plastic Oceans International to clean up beachfronts in locations across the Americas, Europe and Australasia. Plastic Oceans International is a US-based non-profit organization working globally to end plastic pollution and to foster sustainable communities worldwide. They operate with the belief that we can and must act at the local level in order to create change on a global scale.

“We pursue relationships with partners that are walking the talk. Zeal Optics fits this to a tee,” explains Plastic Oceans COO Tod Hardin. “Through their mixed use of non-petroleum plastics, recycled plastics and natural materials in their products, they have created a low carbon manufacturing process that we embrace. We look forward to collaborating on making a difference.”

“Shades For Seas” launched in 2020 for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, when Zeal removed 50 pounds of plastics (22.7 kg) for every pair of Zeals sold on zealoptics.com, removing 1,000 pounds (454 kg) of plastic. 

You can follow the “Shades For Seas” campaign on social media with the hashtag #ShadesForSeas, where Zeal Optics will share other ways you can reduce your environmental footprint, along with updates on how much plastic our community has helped remove from our world’s oceans. This Earth Month go a step further and help Zeal Optics protect our seas and waterways while experiencing the world like never before through Zeal’s unrivaled optics and lens technologies.

About Zeal Optics
Based in Boulder, Colo., USA, Zeal Optics is a boutique brand focusing on handcrafted quality eyewear built for life outdoors. Dedicated to reducing its footprint, Zeal’s full sunglass line is petroleum-free, designed and crafted from renewable plant-based materials. Zeal Optics is also known for revolutionizing the goggle market with its patented polarized/photochromic “Automatic+” lens. For more info visit zealoptics.com and follow @zealoptics on Instagram and Facebook.

About Plastic Oceans International
A US-based non-profit organization working to end plastic pollution and to foster sustainable communities worldwide. We operate with the belief that we can and must act locally in order to create change globally, and we do so through the power of film to empower and globalize community actions. In addition to their global entity, Plastic Oceans has branches in Canada, Chile, Mexico, Europe and the Great Lakes region of the U.S.