A Global Community With a Shared Goal of Creating a Healthier and More Just Planet for All

It’s hard to believe that it’s been one year since Plastic Oceans International launched the BlueCommunities initiative. Time certainly has gone by fast, which is a testament to the steady growth and accomplishments of what is being built.

What started as one pilot program in Campeche, Mexico, in late 2020, eventually led to the official launch of six inaugural communities in March of 2021. 

Our impact is amplified exponentially by working together. We have expanded to 35 communities around the world, with nearly 50 member partners united in a shared goal of creating a healthier and more just planet for all. 

Here’s just some of what we have all accomplished TOGETHER:

  • Educated over 100,000 kids
  • Launched the inaugural Trees & Seas Festival, with over 100 events in 32 locations worldwide
  • Published over 2,500 BlueCommunities social media posts with a reaching over 10 million people
  • Planted over 150,000 Trees
  • Cleaned up over 10,000,000 sq meters of land and sea, collecting over 25,000kg of waste
  • Helped over 1,500,000 sea turtles hatchlings make it to the sea
  • Produced the first BlueCoummunites video profile, showcasing the work of E2F in Douala, Cameroon


BlueCommunities members

“Despite the many hurdles we’ve all had to overcome this past year, I am extremely proud that we collectively made a positive impact in creating sustainable change within our communities,” said Julie Andersen, Founder & CEO of Plastic Oceans International. “Ending plastic pollution is a sustainability issue which requires adapting and redirecting complex local and global human systems. It is through conscious collaboration that we have and will continue to work with our member partners to create a program that transforms local systems to align with global objectives.”

The local projects and programs of the BlueCommunites members are indeed the driving force of the initiative. They are what powers its bottom up approach and thus empowers Plastic Oceans International to use these local success stories to educate and inspire individuals and communities worldwide. 

“There are more things that connect us than we think. And BlueCommunities focuses on making those connections real,” said Alana Bonzi, Co-Founder and Director of SEGO Initiative, which is an NGO based in Fujisawa Japan and a BlueCommunities member. “As we all work towards the same common goal, it’s really important to be able to share the experience and learning from a local level with a global collective… It helps to be able to connect the dots!”

Throughout our second year, Plastic Oceans looks forward to providing more educational resources, workshops, video profiles, and interactive networking to increase the impact we can all make for our shared goal of caring for our communities and planet. Our collective actions have already created change on a global scale, but we’ve just begun to scratch the surface on the potential of BlueCommunities.



100% of your giving will directly fund programs with the initiative. Donate HERE. If you are interested in donating to a specific location, just email us at giving@plasticoceans.org and we’ll be happy to set up a custom donation for you.

BlueCommunities is a global movement that operates with one very simple belief: We can and must act locally in order to inspire and create change on a global scale. It establishes long-term egalitarian relationships with partners working on projects in their local community that embrace circular principals. We believe that these localized efforts are the building blocks for creating socioeconomic and environmental change that leads to a healthier planet and more equitable society. If your organization is interested in joining BlueCommunites, please complete the application form HERE.