Our Thoughts Are With You As We all Deal With the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dear Friends,

Four years ago, I started Plastic Oceans International because of my love for our oceans, our world and our global community. Plastic Oceans’ mission is to protect not only our oceans and environment but to protect human health. We are so proud that we have created a community that cares for both each other and our planet. Today more than ever, at a time when issues of pollution, climate change and illnesses are reaching global peaks, we are dedicated to our mission and to you.

While all of us are adjusting to dealing with this coronavirus pandemic, as we care for our families, friends and local communities, we will continue to face these constantly changing challenges with informed reason and positive inspiration to continuously move in an evolving direction for the better.

For me, I’m finding time with my family and young son. In the last week, we have read books together, watched all of the Indiana Jones movies, played cards and went on hikes. This can be a time for all of us to reflect and reconnect with loved ones and nature.

However, it is important to remember, it is not easy for everyone. One of the many tragedies of this coronavirus pandemic is how it deepens inequality, affecting vulnerable families and the brave individuals providing us critical services – store employees, delivery operators, nurses, doctors – we are reminded that we are all a part of a broader community and it is only together can we solve our biggest challenges.

If you are able, please support those most in need in your community. I truly believe that individual small actions can collectively make a huge difference. We are all in this together.

Take care of yourself, your loved ones and each other.

Best regards,



Julie Andersen
Global Executive Director

p.s. If you are staying indoors and looking for things to watch, please check out all the free content on YouTube channel HERE.