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Action and Solutions Made Possible Through Your Generosity


Dear Friends:

As I write this, I’m celebrating the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday with my family and friends. It’s a day in which gratitude comes to the forefront, and not just for the things I am fortunate to have in my personal life, but also for those that I enjoy through my work at Plastic Oceans International … which are all made possible through the generosity of others. 

With Giving Tuesday also upon us, I want to personally thank all those that have already given to our efforts throughout the year. That includes individuals like you, as well as sponsors and granting foundations. Without this support, we would not be empowered to do the important work that allows us to contribute to the collective effort that is focused on solving the issue of plastic pollution.

I’m proud of what our team has accomplished this year. Despite the many challenges that the world has thrown at us all, they have not wavered or skipped a beat. Their drive and passion to get the job done has been as strong as ever and will continue to be so as we move into 2022. But the reality is, we can’t make it happen without your help.

Yes, we certainly do need your continued support via donations and I humbly ask that you consider giving again, or perhaps donate for the first time if you have not been able to do so previously. Asking for help is not always easy, but, as the head of a nonprofit organization, it’s something I must do. However, I do it with my word that real action will be empowered by your giving … as it has been so far this year. Here’s a look at what your support has allowed us to accomplish through activism, advocacy, education and science:

  • Played a direct role in efforts that lead to a ban of single-use plastics countrywide in Chile, statewide in California and in Mexico City
  • Expanded our scientific research, resulting in three primary achievements:
    • Created and validated a method to extract nanoplastics from human tissue and organs to further understand the impact of plastic on human health
    • Researched and revealed that PVA detergent pods that are labeled as “biodegradable” are anything but biodegradable, with our study proving that they contribute to plastic pollution … resulting in measures now being taken to strengthen truth in labeling laws
    • Published a paper that showed the importance of time when it comes to the behavior of plastic material, including that older plastic concentrates up to 85% more chemicals
  • Completed two documentary feature films, started production on a third and created discussion guides for our entire film library
  • Produced a series of videos with Conservation Comedy, allowing us to reach and educate new audiences through the use of satire
  • Developed an education guide for our Earth’s Ekko youth film – making it available to parents and educators 100% for free – which has been used by over 30,000 kids worldwide in just the last two months since it published
  • Launched our global education curriculum that is soon to roll out in schools worldwide
  • Established a mentoring program for young environmental journalists, providing them the guidance of experienced pros and the opportunity to gain real experience
  • Helped over one million turtle hatchlings make it to the sea safely
  • Opened a branch office in Los Angeles, expanding our effort to impact more people with direct action through film, performance and other projects harnessing the power of creativity and storytelling
  • Started our BlueCommunities initiative, through which we have partnered and supported over 30 local NGOs doing important work within their communities
  • Hosted our first Trees & Seas weeklong festival where we planted over 100,000 trees, cleaned over 25,000,000 ft² and organized over 100 educational events worldwide
  • Offered over a dozen educational webinars (and panel discussions?)

But we can do more … we are ready to do more … and with your help, we will. 

Giving Tuesday is just a few days away, a global day of giving that also serves as the start of our annual year-end fundraising campaign. Now through the New Year, we’ve set a modest goal of raising $20,000 from donations made by individuals. This includes matching funds of up to $10,000 that we’ve been fortunate to receive from an individual supporter. So right now, that means you can double your impact for us! Plus, 100% of donations from individuals go to direct action in our programs, and everybody who donates receives a thank you gift, no matter how big or small the donation.


I do sincerely appreciate your time, especially if you’ve read down to this point. You have my commitment to make the most efficient and impactful use of your generosity as we continue our pursuit of solutions to plastic pollution.

Thank you.



Julie Andersen
CEO, Plastic Oceans International