Over 40 Recipes Made from Products Free of Single-Use Plastic Packaging

100% of proceeds benefit Plastic Oceans International

It’s been three years since my eyes were opened to the tremendous problem that plastic imposes on our environment. I am grateful to the documentary film, A Plastic Ocean, for empowering me to take action in my daily life as well as inspiring change via my Instagram feed @conscious_cooking.

Christine Wong

Christine Wong.

While I’ve always been conscientious about plastic usage by refusing to use plastic bags and water bottles, I realized it wasn’t enough, especially knowing that every piece of plastic ever made still exists in some form today and will continue to pollute the planet for 400+ years, negatively impacting animals and our own health.

Being an eco-conscious cook, it isn’t hard to see that the food industry is saturated with the ‘convenience’ of single-use plastic packaging. Personally I got tired of always throwing packaging away after using it only once. I tried to save items like bags to reuse them, resulting in an accumulation of trash under the kitchen sink and in the freezer. When discovering that less than 9% of plastic gets recycled, it was obvious that refusing to use plastic altogether is really the only solution.

I created the #PlasticFreeFoodie eMagazine to share awareness through delicious recipes. Celebrating its third year, in PlasticFreeFoodie Volume 3 food bloggers from around the world contributed to this annual community fundraising project. By shopping for loose ingredients at the supermarket,

at local markets, in bulk dry goods stores, and even growing their own produce, they share drinks and dishes that keep your belly full, and your heart fulfilled by not generating plastic waste.

For PlasticFreeFoodie Volume 3, 100% of sales from this project will be donated to Plastic Oceans International so that they can continue to inspire behavioral change through digital content and solutions-focused films. You can buy the new edition directly, or you can also receive a free download on any donation of $25 or more, now through December 31. OR receive all three volumes with any donation of $50 or more. 




Enjoy these stunning images from #PlasticFreeFoodie Volume 3:

Mango Nice Cream
Mango Nice Cream. Photo: @the_sunkissed_kitchen
Mango Nice Cream
Market Salad
Market Salad. Photo: @neuro.namaste.nature.nourish
Market Salad
Almond Boursin Snack Board
Almond Boursin Snack Board. Photos: @wonderland_food
Almond Boursin Snack Board