Together Our Actions Can Create Social Change

Plastic is an incredible invention that has helped democratize the world. Plastics have improved modern life, from food safety and access to goods and transportation, to medical sanitation and more.

Unfortunately, the ubiquity of plastic demonstrates that we do not have just a simple plastic habit, but rather a serious relationship with it. Versatile, lightweight, durable, and affordable, plastic is a difficult material to replace. And yet despite the growing evidence of the negative impacts of plastic on the environment, animal health, and even human health, many people find it difficult to end this very convenient relationship. We are faced with the dilemma of trying to find a balance between human convenience and environmental impact.

Fortunately, this type of dilemma is not new. Our relationship to our environment—whether personal or physical—develops for a reason. As we learn new information and gain new perspectives, we grow and change.

Now more than ever—for the good of our health, our families and friends, and our planet—we need to change our relationship with plastic.

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” 

—Marilyn Monroe

Living Without Plastic

Plastic-free hand-made gift package for Christmas, birthday, Easter and other occasions.

Living Without Plastic demonstrates how new perspectives come together to help us reduce our use of plastic. Rethinking plastic can start with a single change, and the solutions found in this book show the wonderful opportunities to move forward with plastic alternatives. The accompanying facts provide new insight on the large reach of the harm caused by plastic and help support our choice to make changes.

Plastic is integrated into every aspect of our lives. It can feel like a monumental task to change the way you interact with so many of your daily items, whether it’s your cup of coffee or the spoon you use to stir it. However, Christine and Brigette have left no stone unturned and fully delve into sourcing various alternatives and solutions, presenting the options in a way that allows us to select one small swap or all of them, in a way that best fits our lives.

This book represents the power we have as individuals and how, together, our actions create social change—a change away from plastic pollution and toward a better you and a better planet.

Julie Andersen
CEO, Plastic Oceans International

Living Without Plastic is a new book from Plastic Oceans International and Artisan Books, written by Bridgette Allen and Christine Wong. It provides over 100 swaps for travel, home, dining, holidays and beyond – providing easy ways for you to be part of the solution to plastic pollution. Christine is also the author the #PlasticFreeFoodie series which you can buy HERE.


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